Since the arrival of the 2010 mixtape, Sorry I’m Late, 330 has become one of the most sought out female hip hop artists to date. She began her hip hop career in the dorm rooms of Howard University where freestyles, ciphers and writing rhymes brought the artist to life. 330 continued writing even as a student at The George Washington University Law School, graduating with a Juris Doctor in 2010. As her art maintained its priority status, she dove into the world of the creative. ”I still try to put a little intellectual twist on my lyrics. I think that's important."

Heavily influenced by culture and travel, a semester in France introduced 330 to the beauty and variety of language and cadence. “We would have crazy cyphers in French, English and Wolof. That definitely influenced me. When they rapped in Wolof, they had this constant, almost hypnotic flow. It was amazing. I try to incorporate that.” This artistic layering is what makes 330 a force to be reckoned with on the mic and many noteworthy figures in hip hop have taken notice.

"I don’t want to be a preacher, I want to make it fun. I want my listeners to think about how ridiculous we sometimes are and how powerful we always have been. Then I gotta find the right beat to match."

To date her resume includes a feature sold out performance at the famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC, a feature performance during the 2013 A&R Power Summit in New York, winning the Brooklyn’s Hip Hop Festival’s 2012 Show and Prove Super Bowl Concert, landing a spot on DJ Drama’s mixtape, 3rd Infantry Division, and DatPiff’s Power 99 The Opening Act Mixtape. In addition to sharing stages with hip hop heavyweights such as Freeway, Rah Digga, Guru, Jairobi of Tribe, and Dres of Black Sheep, 330 remains a student, learning from new talent as well as artists she enjoyed as a child.
In April 2015, 330 released her first studio album, Ain't No Tellin' under the Baltimore based Consumer Voice Ent. Group. Since then, 330's Moons, produced by Clique Tracks and directed by Alpaca Animations has aired on MTV U's The Freshmen and various music video outlets and retail pools.The album made its debut on the college radio charts at #10 and is still charting in its 11th week. Recently, the long time Washington, DC based emcee has returned to her hometown of Harrisburg, PA. She is currently the Executive Director of City Art Space, an after-school alternative committed to maintaining a safe, creative space for middle and high school students in Harrisburg to explore and develop a greater appreciation for the arts and literacy. 
“I value words. The sound, the feel, the manipulation into something hypnotic, influential, occasionally annoying. Language is clay. It’s what we use to create. So please talk about my wordplay and my lyricism and not, you know, a fat ass or something.”